“Incredible Decoy!!!!!!!
Show ‘um something different!!!Three hunts with three limits using the Feather Flyers™ Mallard Pro-Pak

Can’t wait to try the Feather Flyers™ Snow Goose Decoys on the Spring Conservation Hunt!
Easy to transport and set up.

Customer service is 1st Rate from Ron Latschaw and his staff.

Thanks Ron,”

Art Sexton
St. Louis, MO

“I run a small hunting club in mid Missouri – L&M Outfitters “The Goose Slayers”We specialize in hunting Canadian and snow geese

2010-2011 was excellent for Canadians, but snow geese had started out very slow. The first 3 weeks of feb, we were completely frozen and snowed in. Things weren’t looking well.

I ordered 6 of the fully flocked feather flyers, to add to my Sillosock spread. The 3rd Tues of Feb, 2011 they really paid off. We usually get to our blinds well before sun up. As soon as the sun came up we knew it was gonna be a good day. The first set of 25 birds came in, they seemed to be very interested in the feather flyers we unloaded on them taking 17 birds. From that point on it was just like Jim Jones of Sillosocks dvd wave after wave.

It seemed we’d finally put together a lethal combo of decoys. 900 Sillosocks and 6 Feather Flyers.

4 shooters – out of ammo,

1 dog – wore out…..

309 snow geese – dead.

I do not believe this would have happened with out the Feather Flyers and Sillosock combination.

For the next 3 weeks of the season the combo of decoys yeilded an average of 75 birds a day.

Thanks to Feather Flyers and Sillosocks we are looking for a great 2011-2012 year.”

L&M Outfitters, Warrenton MO 636-359-0618


“I have had the opportunity to hunt with my feather flyer decoys now for three years with wonderful success! In my opinion, when used in the right applications and strategically placed in the decoy spread; either on land, or water, you will be killing more birds. These decoys used alone or an augmentation to a spread will make you a more successful hunter. Field hunting these with the use of spinning wing decoys works well with the feather flyers flanked to the edges or at the head of the blind to simulate finishing birds or “one pass” looking mallards. Any opportunity I can get to use these in a “rolling” contour field, the feather flyers will be my first choice of a movement decoy. Placing them sky-lined will attract and kill more birds than any other conventual decoy PERIOD! Stake length variation is a tactic I like to use on this application also. Water hunting applications work well with the feather flyers in windy conditions especially. The ease (lite weight) of portability truly is a bonus for this line of decoy. I highly recommend this decoy for someone who wants to take their outdoor opportunities to the next level!Good Luck, Brian Twete”


“The new Feather Flyers™ are the real deal for snow goose hunting! Flippers™ take decoying snows to the next level. I was able to test them out this last spring and the results were unreal.Have you ever noticed while you’re hunting, if you can get the first bird to start tumbling out of the flock the rest will almost always follow behind it? Well this is the product that will make it happen time and time again.

It is the only decoy on the market with a realistic whiffling motion and geese love it!”

— Aaron Eberle


“Over the years we have tried literally every flying decoy out there, with little satisfaction to say the least. Everything we tried lacked either the durability we demand, or the realism that you cannot go without. We hunt very windy conditions, and to find a decoy that could withstand the conditions and also exhibit a true to life appearance, seemed to be an impossible task. After using Feather Flyers™ exclusively for the past couple of years, they have stood the test of time, and better yet, display the realistic, excited look of a goose coming in for a landing.These decoys give you realistic motion in all different winds, and durable enough in tough conditions. If you are tired of having decoys rip, tear, fly off the stakes, and are not completely satisfied with the overall look of the decoy, try Feather Flyers™.

Your search for the perfect flying-motion decoy is over!”

— Gary Odenbaugh                               


Ducks and geese are becoming tougher to decoy every year. With the new Flippers™ by Feather Flyers™ you are able to show birds something new and realistic to increase your success in the field…..every day!Birds key in on movement and the realistic motion provided by Flippers is second to none! I spent many days testing the Feather Flyers decoys and I can honestly say I’m impressed with the results. Birds from Canada, in the early season, and birds from South Dakota, on the return migration, key in on the realistic maple leafing motion of Flippers all the way to the gun barrel!!!

Flippers need very little wind to produce movement and the setup and take-down is unbelievable simple. If you want to increase your success in the field and decoy more birds in closer, day in and day out, I highly recommend Flippers from Feather Flyers.

“Shoot ‘em with their feet down!”

— Eric Strand


I’m always looking for a little edge on snow geese, and with the short time I had in the Spring using the new Flippers from Feather Flyers…..I can’t wait until Fall!Flippers add a rolling and flipping movement that looks awesome… like a group of Ross Geese on the deck. Geese eat it up! They are easy to put up and move around and they are extremely lightweight, and most of all effective!

— Tab Smith


I had the privilege of hunting with Feather Flyers over the course of one week. Our group tested every combination we could think of. Day after day birds were dive bombing our spread.The flipping action of the Feather Flyers was so visible from great distances geese would actually start to break down quicker.

Adult Snows were even beating juveniles to the ground. It would be difficult to talk me into hunting Snow Geese without Feather Flyers…they are the real deal!

Thanks Ron for the opportunity to experience my best week of waterfowl hunting possible. I can’t think of anything that would make a hunt better.

— Andy Matzke


“We used 18 Feather Flyers while on a spring snow goose hunt in South Dakota. We set up our usual spread of decoys, and then deployed the Feather Flyers around our blinds. The results were phenomenal! Snows and Blues were putting their feet down at 80 yards while keying in on the flyers. They just couldn’t get down fast enough! The “whiffling” effect is one of a kind, and really puts the birds in your face. We even shot a blue phase Ross on our first morning hunt.

Needless to say, we will be adding more Feather Flyers to our spread for next year. I’m also going to add some of the new Blue goose flyers for added realism. Great product!”

— Jon and Jonny Roadenbaugh
www.fourflyways.com (a dealer of Feather Flyers)