Feather Flyers™ Products

Pictured to the left is our flagship decoy: the Classic Snow Goose Feather Flyer™.These new and improved Feather Flyers™ are fully flocked using an electrostatic process which allows for amazing adhesion to the flyer AND total coverage.

Since they are fully flocked they exhibit ZERO shine when it’s bright and sunny and when there is moisture on the decoys.

We also added curved wings to this new generation of Flyers to give a more realistic look and better aerodynamic properties.

Direct the Birds…

Almost every time birds decide to commit to your spread, it will be right on top of the Feather Flyers™. They simply play “follow the leader” right into your kill hole.

Even in high wind conditions they are SILENT, unlike the “other” flyers on the market. We would call them our “competition,” but let’s face it, nothing comes close to a Feather Flyer™.

Pictured to the right is a 6 Bird FlyRight™ rotational machine (more on this deadly Feather Flyer™ accessory later).

No wind? No problem.

With all the time, effort, and money you have put into your making your hunts happen, you can’t give up now. And if you’ve made an investment in Feather Flyers™ you need not worry. In zero to light wind conditions, deploy the Power Flipper™: an effective way to provide life-like motion to a single Feather Flyer™. Combine multiple Power Flippers™ (pictured to the left) with the above pictured FlyRight™ rotational machine (available in 6, 9, 12, and 24 bird models) and you have a deadly combination that no other decoy system can provide.

A BIG piece of the puzzle…

As a waterfowler you know there are many factors that need to come together for a successful hunt. When hunting Snows, location and movement is KEY. Wind is a Snow Goose hunter’s best friend, and using Feather Flyers™ on a windy day truly imitates geese descending rapidly. And luckily for you, if you get to the field on the morning of the hunt and there is no wind, you can simulate how the Feather Flyers™ would behave in windy conditions by deploying your Power Flippers™ and or FlyRight™. Either way, the geese don’t stand a chance, and a big piece of the hunting puzzle is easily solved by using Feather Flyers.