Here’s an idea that is totally different and extremely effective!

After hunting, observing and studying waterfowl for many years, I have become very familiar with their habit of whiffling or maple leafing. This action is their way of losing altitude in a hurry and appears to be a sign of excitement. You often see this activity when birds are returning to their roost or joining a group of birds already feeding on the ground.

The Feather Flyers™ wind vane is a breakthrough product which realistically duplicates the distinctive whiffling action of waterfowl. I have developed and studied performing prototypes in my own back yard and in the field. They not only passed the “test of time” but also work flawlessly in zero to hurricane force winds through all four seasons and more! Other motion decoys will not perform in high winds. Even with no wind Feather Flyers™ wind vanes are perfectly balanced; they always upright themselves and look natural.

My original intent and focus was for this product to be used as a wind vane in the ornamental garden art market. But, during the development of the Feather Flyers™ wind vanes I realized that replicas of certain species would be awesome waterfowl hunting tools creating more success in the field. After using and testing them on numerous hunts, I found that birds are definitely attracted to them! Feather Flyers™ are deadly effective! They work in conjunction with any or all manufactured decoy brands of “like species.” Try Feather Flyers™ and see for yourself…you will be blown away! U.S. Patent #8,151,512 B2.

Ron Latschaw
Founder of Final Approach*
Founder of Feather Flyers™